Lebanon, VA

Town of Lebanon VA

Nestled in the Clinch Mountains, Lebanon, VA, offers a particular brand of small town life. Yes, the town is a hub for government and industry. And yes, it provides access to creeks and trails, outdoor experiences, and spectacular views. We’re proud of that. But most importantly, Lebanon is a community of people who connect through tradition and an approach to life: high school sports, churches, shared heritage, and a commitment to improving life for our family and neighbors. ​

​You can see downtown Lebanon, VA, from Highway 19, and it’s an inviting sight. But the commercial trends that shaped towns across the country also pulled attention from the heart of our community. Now, we’re returning our attention to the Main Street lined with historic structures, with walls and buildings of unique, hand cut block. And already there are signs of reinvestment in a downtown that will soon highlight the best of a region.

By reinvesting in the Russell Theater and encouraging our neighbors to share their talents—as musicians, craftspeople, and outdoors adventurers, we’re going to highlight our place with an energy and commitment to each other. Take our youth. We think they’re a key piece of this. We really get behind our young people. And who would think that by engaging our young people in these strategies, we’d create a town welcoming to all ages? Well, just watch us.

​We’ll become a Hometown of the Clinch through our downtown efforts, highlighting our tributaries, Big Cedar and Little Cedar creeks. We’ll strengthen our climate for small and family-owned businesses, promoting unique offerings and places that appeal to those working at one of our many fine local employers. And by doing so, we’ll provide experiences for visitors as memorable as the views of Beartown Mountain.

As you can see, life in Lebanon, VA, can be quite a pleasure and it’s community is always working towards improving the quality of life for all of its citizens. If you have any questions about buying or selling a home in Lebanon, VA, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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